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Sitrans Fut1010 (Liquid)

Sitrans Fut1010 (Liquid)
Sitrans Fut1010 (Liquid)
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Product Code : SF23
Product Description

Description of SITRANS FUT1010 (Liquid) is mentioned as below :

  • The SITRANS FUT1010 liquid flow - meter is considered as the impeccable match for the hydrocarbon industry. it features the WideBeam ultrasonic transit time technology, thorough which it can attain extremely precise flow measurement.  
  • With the availability of TransLoc™ mounting system, the transducers are eternally fixed on the exterior of the sensor, which helps prevents contact with the medium. The outcome is then the custody transfer accuracy, with no hollows or blockage by high paraffin fluids which are originated in many hydrocarbon installations, and assessment of viscosities up to 2800 cSt.
  • The SITRANS FUT1010 is also obtainable in dual, 3 and 4 channel configurations. There are 2 enclosures to made a choice from : wall mount and wall mount explosion - proof. The Application examples consist of custody transfer, pipeline balancing and refinery blending.
  • The SITRANS FUT1010 is also obtainable for measurement of gas.

Benefits of SITRANS FUT1010 (Liquid) is mentioned as below :

  • It can appropriately meet the performance needs of OIML R117, MID and API
  • It permits continuous operation in spite of water or gas adulteration
  • It can allow application and procedure diagnostics
  • It can take care of easy scraper and pig detection

Detail of SITRANS FUT1010 (Liquid) is mentioned as below :


 Measuring range varies from  ±12 m/s (±40 feet/s) bidirectional
 Nominal sizes varies from  DN 100 to DN 600 (4" to 24")
 Calbrated accuracy ranges from  ±0.15% at ≥0.3 m/s (1 feet/s)
 Repeatability ranges from  ±0.05 to 0.1% at ≥0.3 m/s (1 feet/s)
 Inputs  4 analog
 Outputs  4 digital, 4 isolated, 2 programmable
 Communication HART, BACnet MSTP/BACnet IP, Modbus RTU/TCPIP, Ethernet IP, Johnson N2, VT100 RS232
 Medium temperature ranges from  -28 °C to 93 °C (-20 °F to 200 °F)
 Enclosure ratings  Wall mount: IP65 (NEMA 4X)    
 Wall mount explosionproof: IP66 (NEMA 7)
 Flange ratings  ANSI 150, 300, 600
 Approvals obtained from  ATEX (PED), FM, CSA, CRN



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