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Sitrans Probe Lu

Sitrans Probe Lu
Sitrans Probe Lu
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Product Code : SPL
Product Description
Description of SITRANS Probe LU is outlined as below:

  • The SITRANS Probe LU is a 2 wire hoop which has been power-driven with the ultrasonic transmitter for level, volume and flow checking of fluids in the open channels, loading vessels and simple kind of process vessels.
  • The SITRANS Probe LU is appropriate for level monitoring in the water and waste water industries and also in the chemical storage containers.
  • The series of SITRANS Probe LU is 6 m or 12 m (20 feet or 40 feet). By making use of Auto False-Echo Suppression for static obstruction evasion, as well as an enhanced and developed signal-to-noise ratio and enhanced precision of around 0.15% of range or 6 mm (0.25"), the Probe LU the offers an unparalleled and matchless reliability and consistence.
  • The SITRANS Probe LU take account of Sonic Intelligence® signal treating from the field-proven Probe and integrates new echo processing types and the most recent micro-processor and communications technology. The Probe LU then provides 2 communications alternatives : which is HART or PROFIBUS PA (Profile version 3.0, Class B).
  • The transducer on the Probe LU is obtainable as the ETFE or the PVDF to match the chemical situations of your application. As well, for applications with variable and erratic material and process temperatures, the Probe LU integrates and combines an inner temperature sensor to reimburse for the temperature alterations.

Key Applications :

  • It is very well applied in the chemical storage vessels, filter beds and fluid storage vessels.
  • The additional and accompanying elements are fabricated to perform with most kinds of arrangement to offer an improvised and superior functionality such as remote displays and remote monitoring resolutions. You may find more information by clicking here.
  • Also please make a note; that the harmless plotted level measurement resolution takes account of the switches for back-up, overfill, less level and dry run protection.

Benefits of SITRANS Probe LU is outlined as below:

  • It comes with a Constant and non stop level measurement which ranges up to 12 m (40 ft) range
  • It has simple and hassle free installation and also has an easy start-up
  • The programming is done by making use of the infrared Intrinsically Safe handheld programmer, SIMATIC PDM or HART® Communicator
  • The Communication is made by making use of HART or PROFIBUS PA
  • It comes with an ETFE or PVDF transducers which are used for chemical compatibility
  • It has an Original Sonic Intelligence signal dispensation
  • It comes with an exceptionally elevated signal-to-noise ratio
  • It also provides you with Auto False-Echo Suppression for fixed obstacle avoidance
  • It provides Level to volume or level to flow conversion

Detail of SITRANS Probe LU is outlined as below:

 Range varies from  0.25 m to 12 m (0.8 feet to 39 feet)
 Process temperature varies from  -40 °C to 85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)
 Output varies from - 4 mA / HART to 20 mA / HART
- Intrinsically Safe (elective)


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