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Sitrans Fus080

Sitrans Fus080
Sitrans Fus080
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Product Code : SF18
Product Description

Description of SITRANS FUS080 is outlined as below:

  • SITRANS FUS080 is a transit time based transmitter which is fabricated in such a way that it is appropriate for ultrasonic flow metering with any sensor in the SITRANS FUS380 / SITRANS  FUE380  in-line sequence. SITRANS FUS080 appears as a battery or mains powered form and is intended to quantify the flow in water presentations.
  • In order to create a comprehensive flowmeter, the SITRANS  FUS080 flow transmitter must be pooled with one of the following options mentioned below :

SITRANS F US SONOKIT : it is one of the retrofit flowmeter sequences
SITRANS FUS380: this flow meter is used for gauging on all region water abilities and water conductivities  
SITRANS FUE380: this can be utilized as SITRANS FUS380, but with type authorization for custody transfer systems

Application Examples :
the examples varies from Water flow in District heating units, Local networks, Boiler locations, Substations, Chiller plants, Irrigation plants and other universal and wide ranging water applications

Benefits of SITRANS FUS080 are outlined as below:

  • Long-term strength and permanence with battery powered equal to almost 6 years
  • It is quite simple and trouble free to install and it comes with hassle free forward commissioning with only 1 button on display
  • It offers Optimal precision with 2-track gauging principle
  • It is simple to connect to a calculator because of its 2 galvanized isolated digital yields
  • It helps in Computing all kind of water qualities

Detail of SITRANS FUS080 is outlined as below :

 Accuracy ± 0.5% of flow rate
 Input / output ranges from Input: 1- , 2- track  interfaces Output : 2 pulse or status
 Communication ranges from MODBUS RTU protocol: IrDA optical eye Additional add - on modules PDM (Process Device Manager)
 Display LCD, 8 digits with supplementary symbols for information
 Enclosure IP67/NEMA 4X/6
 Power supply ranges from Battery or Mains (3.6 V or 115/230 V AC)
 Operating temperature ranges from From -5 °C to 60 °C (23 °F to 140 °F)  
 Approvals obtained from MID, PTB (based on system selection)


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