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Sitrans Fc410

Sitrans Fc410
Sitrans Fc410
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Product Code : SF01
Product Description

The SITRANS FC410 Coriolis flowmeter: large-scale performance in a small-scale package.

Description of SITRANS FC410 is mentioned as below :

  • The SITRANS FC410 flowmeter solution is light in weight and most compressed Coriolis system all around the world – where in you can minimize the skid size, fit numerous units into the most compact areas, make things easier for installation into both new and prevailing applications, and further help in reducing the costs. The completely digital generation of these compressed flowmeters is tailor made in such a way for direct assimilation into machine control systems.The Setting up is rapid and trouble free, much thanks to streamlined hardware and wiring. The SITRANS FC410 makes use of multidrop - addressable Modbus RTU RS485, an extremely time-efficient communication procedure that is simple and trouble free to program and identify. Its completely configurable byte order takes care of all PLC kinds with no extra ordering alternatives necessary.
  • The integrated or fixed transmitter functionality in the SITRANS FC410 permit for installation almost at any place without the requirement for a distinct transmitter. It is based on the original digital signal handling technology, the flowmeter provides multi parameter measurements with effectiveness, uncomplicated, ease and security.
  • The  SITRANS FC410 can be well arranged for regular, customary, sanitized or NAMUR service
  • The SITRANS FC410 flowmeter system is made up of a SITRANS FCS400 sensor with an build in Mini Flow Link transmitter (FCT010).

Benefits of SITRANS FC410 are mentioned as below :

  • Space-saving – it has a compressed sensor and integrated and fixed transmitter which permits for more effective skid and plant layout
  • Direct integration – into fresh or prevailing control arrangements with multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU RS485 communication modus operandi and completely configurable byte order to upkeep all PLC kinds
  • Simple and hassle free installation – with customary connections and rationalized cabling
  • High precision – ±0.1% attained and accomplished at up to 160 bars and 200 °C
  • Hygienic – the EHEDG and 3A permitted with a even surface for simple cleaning and negligible generalization of flow
  • Elastic – it is obtainable from DN15 to DN80 to make sure a broad application fit
  • Devoted performance – it provides true multi-parameter measurements (e.g. mass flow, volume movement, thickness, compactness and temperature)
  • High speed – 10 m/s signal update for consistent, dependable data transfer and up to 115,2 kBit/s RS485 data rates for a variety of numerous instruments

Detail of SITRANS FC410 is mentioned as below :

Sizes ranges from

DN15 (½") 
DN25 (1")
DN50 (2")
DN80 (3")

Accuracy varies from


Repeatability varies from


Flow range (water @ 1 bar pressure loss) ranges from

DN15 : 3700 kg per h (8157 lb/h) 
DN25 : 11500 kg per h (25353 lb/h)
DN50 : 52000 kg per h (114640 lb/h)
DN80 : 136000 kg per h (300000 lb/h)

Power Supply ranges from

24 V DC ±20%

Weight varies from

4,6 - 50 kg



Wetted parts : 316L stainless steel; Hastelloy C22 
Enclosure : 304 stainless steel

Transmitter is made up of:

Aluminium with oxidization resistant coating

Enclosure rating (IP)

IP 67

Pressure ratings

Measuring tubes ranges from

Stainless steel : 100 bar (1450 psi)
Hastelloy : 160 bar (2321 psi)

Sensor enclosure varies from

20 bar (DN15, DN25) 
17 bar (DN50, DN80)

Sensor enclosure burst pressure varies from

>160 bar (all sizes)

Temperature ratings

Process medium varies from

-50 °C to 200 °C (-58 °F to 392 °F)

Ambient ranges from

-40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F)

Process connections

Flanges details

EN1092-1 B1, EN1092-1 D, ANSI / ASME B16.5, JIS B 2220, DIN11864-2A

Pipe threads details

ASME B1.20 (NPT), ISO228-1 G (BSPP), VCO Quick-connect

Hygienic threads

DIN11851, DIN11864-1, ISO2853, SMS 1145

Hygienic clamps details

DIN11864-3A, DIN32676, ISO2852

Approvals attained from

Pressure equipment





In accordance with NE132

Process values

Mass flow
Volume flow
Process temperature


1 totalizer for net mass flow


Modbus RTU TS-485 2-wire communication

EMC performance

EN 61326-3-2

Mechanical load

18 Hz to 1000 Hz random, 3.17 G rms, in all directions



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