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Sitrans Connection App

Sitrans Connection App
Sitrans Connection App
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Product Code : SCA
Product Description
Description of SITRANS CONNECTION App is outlined as below :

  • The SITRANS CONNECTION mobile application facilitates direct serial communication amongst an Apple iOS device (like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and any of the SITRANS F US clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter to improvise and boost all metering functionalities, which includes programming, operational assessment and analysis, data categorization and download.
  • The SITRANS CONNECTION app also offers superior flexibility on freedom of movement, which helps make the connectivity likely without the requirement for a laptop computer. The app also exhibits complete menu visibility and a comprehensive alphanumeric keypad for relaxed and stress free navigation and software development, which is particularly beneficial for meters with restricted displays. In addition to this, the SITRANS CONNECTION provides quick service, permitting the shared access to your terminal window with a capable and competent service technician (which further requires either Wi-Fi or cellular service).
  • The SITRANS CONNECTION must be acquired by means of your local state specific iTunes App Store. In addition to this, 1 of 3 required connection kits must be procured straight away from the Siemens based on meter configuration. One may find the Ordering guidelines in the “About” section of the app.

Benefits of SITRANS CONNECTION App is outlined as below :

  • It comes with the advantage of Plug & play connectivity
  • It has a Settable baud rate up to extreme capability of SITRANS F US clamp-on flowmeters (38400)
  • It has a simple and hassle free download of data - logger, site program and signal graph data for observing or transferal to PC
  • The Connection Manager alternative systematizes the already saved sessions with unlike serial configurations or connection categories
  • It has a completely configurable terminal settings (which has baud rate, flow control, parity, column width, scroll buffer) with mutual command drop down set of choices
  • It has a User-programmable exceptional function keys for basic functionality
  • One may easily Cut OR copy OR paste straight away from the terminal window and slide - out clipboard viewer
  • There are 3 varieties of connection kit which are obtainable to put up all the meter categories
  • The Connection kit comes with the following items : C2 - RJ45 serial cable, RJ45 - D89 adapter and interconnect wire where it is required
  • Please note : the Extra purchase of Apple‘s Lightning to 30-pin Adapter necessary for usage with iPhone 5


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